Digisound modular synths

From James Richardson
Sent Mon, Sep 4th 1995, 21:35

A few months ago I finally got round to constructing a few Digisound
kits which I bought 4 or 5 years ago but was too scared to complete
because of the seeming complexity of some of the wiring.

Anyway, after a few teething problems the modules worked fine and
together amount to a an excellent small synth.

The modules I built are:
	80-C9 - a self-contained voice-card with 2 VCOs, 2 ADSRs, 
                a VCF, and 6 VCAs
	80-23 - quad LFO, each with 6 wave-shapes
	80-12 - noise (white, pink, low) and S & H

The prices of the Digisound kits, even taking into account inflation,
make the new Doepfer modules look exorbitantly priced.

Needless to say, I now regret not having bought more kits when they were
generally available.

Here in the UK the kits were marketed by Tim Higham.  I tried to contact
him recently via a telephone number archived at Analogue Heaven but the 
person who answered had no idea of Tim's present whereabouts, other than 
he may have gone to Russia !!!

The instructions which I received with the kits were all marked copyright
T. Higham, so I presume that Tim was the person responsible for designing 
them - but this is just surmise on my part.

Can anyone confirm whether or not Tim Higham designed these kits and give any
more information about him and Digisound generally?

Does anyone know whether any Digisound kits are still being produced anywhere?
(I gather that they were available in the US and were also produced by APPA - 
whoever they are - in Belgium).

James Richardson