FS: Doepfer A100's, Kenton Pro-Solo & Pro-2, and more

From osc1
Sent Fri, Nov 21st 1997, 04:50

Well, the day has come that I had hoped I could avoid: time to sell most of
the Doepfer equipment.
First, since people will no doubt ask, I'll tell you why I'm selling these
things:  in short--I'm in financial limbo.  Normally I wouldn't part with
music equipment (especially not things I love such as these) but my
monetary problems are growing as the holidays approach.  Regretfully (on
one hand), this will solve many problems.

Here's what's for sale:
1)  A basic A100 system.  This is the standard "Basic System," offered by
Enport for $2300 new.  It's only 6 months old (I bought it here in town in
May of this year).  This isn't the version with the midi to cv module, but
rather the one with the Clock Divider and Analogue sequencer modules.  I've
taken meticulous care of it, and it's in excellent condition.  The manual
will go with this, if these must be seperated (see below).
2)  Another A100 setup, partially filled.  This is basically a whole A100
frame, assembled, with power supply (standard +/- 12v), CV/Gate busses
(with green "powerup" LED's on them!), etc.
    The story on this one is a little more odd.  A little over a month ago,
I ordered some modules, and according to the German source, they're in
customs (US) and should be here any day now.  So, in every sense, these
modules will be brand new.  By the same token, I won't sell this rack (if
they're sold seperately) until they arrive.  The contents are: a 119
Envelope Follower/External Input, a 180 multiple, a 138A linear mixer, a
122 VCF 3, and the vocoder - 129 1&2.  never used, and i'll install them
when they arrive, if you'd like.
3) A 12 space SKB rack case that these fit perfectly into.  Also in mint
condition.   I also have a variety of cables for the A100's, as follows:
approximately 15 six foot long mono to mono 3.5mm's, approximately 30 three
footers of the same, and approx 20 shorter Doepfer standards (roughly 2
ft).  I also have several six foot 1/4" to 1/8" mono's, and two custom made
1/8" to 1/4" that are 20 feet, made of fine cable and soundcraft ends (used
for the main outs into a mixing board).
4)  A Kenton Pro-2 (2 pairs of CV/Gate and double Aux's out, as well as a
sequencer sync out), and a Kenton Pro-Solo (internal synced LFO,
CV/Gate/Aux) , both in mint condition.

I'll sell this whole lot for $3100.  Because it would be better for me to
have one buyer for all of it, I reserve the right to wait a few days to see
if I have any takers on the whole system.  If by early next week, I don't,
I will take the first people who confirmed a sale on the following
individual sales (which will not be broken up any further than this):
A) I'm asking $1600 for the basic system itself.  I won't sell the basic
system until I have a confirmed buyer(s) for the secondary "piecemeal" A100
and the case and cables (or everything is sold together).
B) For the second A100 "bits and pieces" system, I'm asking $1050 (the
breakdown prices i'm asking, if you want to compare them to "new" (even
though these are brand new) are   $400 for the case/cv-gate bus/power
supply, $375 for the vocoder modules, $275 for the others).
C) $120 for the 12 space SKB case and cables.
D) $250 for the Pro-2 and $150 for the Pro-Solo or $375 together

I live in St. Paul, Minnesota.  My ideal fantasy about this would be that
someone would come to pick this up from me.  Barring something that nice, I
will consider dropping it off (gas money not included ;) if it's somewhere
within reasonable driving distance.  More than likely, it will have to be
shipped.  I prefer FedEx, and I prefer prepayment on something this large
(I have plenty of references).  Shipping is not included in any of these
prices.  I also don't "hold" pieces for people (sorry, too many bad
experiences).  First confirmed buyer gets the sale, per the above

If you have any questions for me, please feel free to ask.

Carty Fox

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