[AH] Lots of eurorack/blacet fs/+ Ebbe und Flut REVISED

From implode7
Sent Wed, Feb 6th 2008, 06:56

   Lots has sold, and I'm going through mostly in order of payment and
shipping the stuff out. Thanks to everyone who has ordered so far.

I have the following modules left, and also the Schippman Ebbe und Flut.
I've lowered the prices a bit. I would absolutely love to get this stuff
sold in the next couple of days. The Ebbe und Flut is currently selling at
Analogue Haven for $1,999, so I think that this is a great price. If it
isn't sold in time for me to put in my Modcan order, the insanity will leave
me, and I'll raise it back up again.

 Cwejman  dmf-2  $450.00
  d-lfo  $420.00   

 analogue systems  rs-270 1/8 to 1/4 adapter  $65.00

 Doepfer  a-138 mixer (2)  $50.00
  a-141 vcadsr (2)  $110.00
  a-131 vca (2)  $70.00
  a-147 vclfo  $90.00
  a-166 logic module  $100.00
  a-172 max-min  $55.00
  g6 case  $380.00 
  a-143-1 - complex eg/lfo  $195.00
 Blacet  Scanner  $75.00
  Dual VCA  $95.00 
  1 rack only  $60.00
 metalbox  Burst generator  $190.00
  Divider & Logic  $190.00

 schippman  Ebbe und Flut  $1,350.00