Re: [AH] Roland SH2 VCO question

From MM
Sent Sun, Apr 20th 2008, 10:32

2008/4/20, David Bulog <>:
> Hi does anyone on the list know if SH2 or SH09 uses a custom IC for each of
> the VCOs or is discrete off the self components like System 100 101

Like most Roland synths from the 70's they use uA726HC-based VCO's. I
believe all "Systems" and all SH's less than 100 uses them as well as
Jupiter-4, Promars. and SPV-355.

I have done an A/B-comparison between the oscillators in System 100
and System 100m and they sounded exactly the same. The filters however
sound very, very different.

> My other question is would the SH2 be similar in sound to a System 100m
> three module combo consisting of 112,130,140.

Yes, indeed it would. There are probably a few differences, but I
don't think you can get much closer. Hmm...I would like to do a
comparison between SH-2 and Promars though...