[AH] The Serge Parting Out Sale

From Blake Wilson
Sent Wed, May 4th 2005, 04:35

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  I have decided to offer the panels and modules on a per-item basis 
as follows.  All prices include packing and shipping in the CONUSA:

  Red Voice ($3645 per current STS price list): $2200
  Red Control ($3415 " "): $2000
  Custom Panel (described above): $2100
  Soup Kitchen (*lots* per current STS price list): $3000
  large pile (approx. 85) of 95% Pomona cables, 5% Jameco:  $250 
(worth much more)
  PS6 ($550 new): $350
  Expressionist ($600 new): $375

  (note again: the non-Serge modules, below, are customized for banana 
jacks and have non-standard power supply plugs, i.e. they will not 
plug into your Doepfer or Blacet system in the condition you receive 
them in.  Unless you buy a module with the Blacet power supply and 
custom power distribution system shown here, you will need to conform 
the power cable to your particular distribution system, which is not 
difficult at all if you know what you are doing, like I did when I 
converted them.)

  Doepfer A-177 ($75 new): $50
  Doepfer A-199 Spring Reverb ($129 new): $89
  Analogue Systems RS-60 VC ADSR ($165 new): $110
  Analogue Systems RS-30 Freq to Voltage/Env. Follower ($135 new): $89
  Anlogue Systems RS-220 X-Y Controller Joystick ($229 new): $150
  Blacet EG-1 (assembled from kit; kit is $135): $100
  Blacet 500mA power supply and custom distro system $45 (includes FracRac)

  All price include shipping and insurance in the CONUSA. Overseas is 
substantially more, of course.  I have excellent references. Just 
ask. If you want something and don't like my price, make an offer!

for more info and pics see here:



blake wilson


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