Re: New Moog Music

From moog
Sent Wed, Oct 25th 1995, 00:14

>On Tue, 24 Oct 1995 wrote:
>> This is going to suck!
>> moogs were ment to be old,
>Wrong. If they were "ment (sic) to be old", then why do they work so much
>better when you improve the power supplies and op-amps on them. I've used
>two 900-series systems at this point, one unimproved and the other
>fully-reworked. I'll take the "new" Moog any time.
>> they are the best synth co.
>> in the world
>Not touching this.
>> and now if they make new products dorks like trent reznor will
>> start using them.
>As will a lot of other people. Your point?
>> Moogs are the worlds best synth i love the prodogy! if they
>> come back i will be very Angry!!!!
>Actually, if they come back and ram the overinflated modular prices back
>down the hole they came crawling out of, I'll be quite happy. I have
>nothing but praise for Serge for keeping the torch lit, Doepfer for
>bringing the prices back in line for the basics, and now this for putting
>Moog back online so that you don't have to mortgage a small country to
>afford a Model 55 or IIIc. If they come back, personally, _I_ will be
>quite _pleased_...especially if a lot of broker-types are left holding
>the bag on their VINTAGE RARE ANALOG etc etc etc $10000000 (add zeros ad
>nauseaum). You're perfectly welcome to feel as angry as you like, but I
>think you're going to be in a very small (perhaps singular) minority.
>        Oh, and three little words: "Strunk and White". Checkum out.


Howard Hatfield