Re: Doepfer Modular - foundation for AH synth?

From Mark Kolmar
Sent Sat, Apr 22nd 1995, 20:54

On Sat, 22 Apr 1995, Chris Meyer wrote:

> ....and to release their technical specs for CVs, gates,
> power etc.?

This is EXACTLY the kind of thing that makes me fear my investment in
modules will buy me an enormous pain-in-the-ass.  I am a composer and
musician, not an electrical engineer.

Also the mention of "special" cords makes me sweat a bit. 1/8", 1/4",
RCA...stuff that's plentiful--that's great.  It's also easy to adapt from
one to another.  Having to send away to Europe for "special" cords in ten
years to get them from a company that doesn't exist anymore would be a

So how many VCOs are -not- 1V/octave?  Are the Doepfer's 1V/octave, or is
that unknown at this point?  My enthusiasm about this modular thing is the
promise of routing most anything into most anything else.

I've seen, was trained, and have touched the Buchla at the U of Ill, but
never really got to use it.  They had another modular and a bunch of
archaic waveform generators in one of the studios I did use.  The modular
was all one manufacturer, and of course on the archaic waveform generators
it was easy to adjust the voltage (which we were not to touch under
penalty of death).  In an ideal world one would be able to buy pieces from
Paia, Serge, and Doepfer, patch them together in semi-sensible ways, and
sounds, not smoke, would come out...