Aphex Twin limited edition 7" (fwd)

From Jasper de Jong
Sent Sun, Dec 11th 1994, 21:04

 m >  i heartily agree. i use to worship rdj being awestruck by his 
 m > originality and genius. ab, digeridoo, saw1 and the polygon window lp 
 m > were ground breaking but most of the recent stuff has been dire. 
 m > either richard has gone seriously off the boil (get an early night) 
 m > or he is most definately taking the piss.
Well, should he go on doing trax like your favourite ones?
That meight get a bit boring...I'm not saying that his older
stuff wasn't great, but things should change a bit in time.
Otherwise we would have been stuck with Meatloaf yet...
And we don't want that do we? ;-)
 m >  matt