Doepfer MIDI/CV convertors

From Temporary Insanity
Sent Sat, Nov 4th 1995, 07:34

Has anyone actually used a Doepfer MIDI CV convertor? The one
channel one is about the cheapest thing going, and I'm soon
going to need one.

One thing from the product docs is that the DAC they use is 8
bit, meaning that over 5 octaves you get 4 steps per half tone.
Do they do anything to smooth out pitch bend?

By the way: I've held out against the savage onslaught of lame
humor, exorbinant for sale ads, and pointless flame wars.  You
lot! Shut the fuck up!  If you don't have a real question or new
information or answers to offer, piss off!  Doesn't anyone
stop to think about what they write anymore before they mail it?
I know why some of the most informative and helpful people on AH
have unsubscribed -- the moron quotient!  Use the thumper rule:
If you don't have anything good to say, don't say anything at

It's not that hard a concept to grasp -- we're not interested in
the random firing of your neurons converted to fingers twitching
on keys.  If it entertains you to annoy others worldwide with
your twaddle take it to usenet news -- there you'll find many
others just like you.

If you actually care about techniques for producing electronic
music with analogue equipment, read in the archives for a while
and sit quietly while people who know what they're talking about
do the posting.

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