[AH] 303 Clone Shootout 2008

From Hugh Incrie
Sent Wed, Jun 11th 2008, 01:25

OK, so I managed to track down a MAM MB33 Mark II, and compared to my
Doepfer MS-404, it's a hell of an improvement.

The auto-glide function is a godsend -- the 404 has a glide function
controllable by a CC#, but which has no facility for front-panel
control, something that always struck me as an oddity. The MB33
basically gets what i mean, rather than what i say.

The envelope on the MAM is more 303-like, seeing as how it's
decay/accent versus ADSR, so in terms of pure 303 emulation, IMO the
MAM wins. Both have PWM functionality; the 404 can only have its
pulse-width modified by one of the on-board LFOs whereas the MB33's
pulse-width is attached to the envelope. A nice touch, but limiting.

overall, i think i paid more for the 404 than for the mb33, but the
simple fact that the mb33 has midi CC# enabled front knobs where the
doepfer does not is the singular deciding factor.

sound tests to follow -- does anyone have a nice MIDI file of
303-style sounds that will put each through its paces?

"Never Explain, Never Complain"
 -- Cole Porter

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