[AH] FS various Doepfer modules + G6 suitcase (UK)

From Matt
Sent Tue, Apr 7th 2009, 10:23

After getting some way down the road to my first modular I've decided
to bail out, as it's getting too expensive & I'm no longer convinced
that I need a modular in my set-up. Therefore I'm selling the
following recently acquired items for the prices I paid for them. All
in excellent condition.

A-108 VCF (GBP 100)
A-110 VCO (GBP 80)
A-125 VC Phase Shifter (GBP 60)
A-138b exponential mixer (GBP 30)
A-145 LFO (GBP 40)
A-180 Multiple (GBP 20)
G6 Suitcase with 240v EU/UK front panel PS1 (GBP 250)

TipTop Z5000 DSP (GBP 115)

Shipping from London UK is in addition. Payment via PayPal or bank
transfer. I've a number of good trader posts on Analogue Heaven and
100% positive feedback on eBay username a_octofish