The Big Moog-Thread

From Joerg Junger
Sent Fri, Jul 28th 1995, 10:50

Dear AH community,

it seems as if my mail has opened another thread in the x0x tradition:
price vs. usability.
My attitude towards such a system has been exactlly described by Mark.
There are some points I want to make:

- I'm not able to pay 10000$ for a System 55. I'm hoping for a wonder
and find a cheaper one. Btw. in Germany I know of two System 55 which
are for sale with prices in the 20000$ range. So much for prices in

- Sure it is a risk to buy a system which containts parts which are no
longer manufactured. But this is also true of the SSM and Curtis VCO
chips. So I can't take it serious if someone says to me: stay away
from an old system because of maintainance problems, make yourself a
homebuilt and use the far mor stable CEM 3340 VCO. At least here in
Germany it is nearly impossible to get hold of these chips. As far as
I've seen on AH the situation in the States is not different from
that. I called the german distributor several times and also Doepfer
but both told me that it is highly implausible that the CEM line will
be produced again because nobody is willing to order 10000 pieces which is
according to the german distributor the minimum for starting the

- If my attitude towards a Moog Modular would be an attitude of
price/usability-ratio then I sure would buy a Doepfer A-100. It is by
far the cheapest modul system available. But for me it's kind of a
love thing. And love is sometimes irrational and not explainable,
sigh... (and it sometimes hurts: either the heart or in this case my
bank account).

So, now I'm hping that someone has mercy with me and offers me the
2000 $ System 55 ;-)))).



Joerg Junger

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