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Sent Sat, Apr 22nd 1995, 23:05

>i was going to get a Serge, but if this is reality
>than my $'s will become DM's (sorry, but I on a budget).

>I would love to have a Serge if they would only
>cut there proces in half I could sell my car and buy one : )  (just kidding
>Rex)  Seriously I have been considering the Doepfer stuff just because I
>might be able to afford it.

This is disturbing trend...kinda like hearing someone say they're gonna buy
an Arp Axxe because they can't afford a Pro-One.  %-}  Just remember, you
get what you pay for.

If you detect a certain bias towards Serge in my posts, you're right.  On
my recent visit to CA, I was lucky enough to have breakfast w/ Mr.Rex
Probe, the meticulous maker of Serge Synthesizers, and fellow Analogue
Heaven listmember.  He was most generous w/ information about his products,
and was kind enough to take me on a tour of the "factory".  I'm not sure
that everybody gets the royal treatment, but I'm lucky enough to share a
mutual friend, Knox Bronson.

I get the impression from the posts of some listmembers that they think
that STS is some kind of garage operation, that Serges are cheap to build,
and that Rex is laughing all the way to the bank.  They need to check their
facts before they complain about having to pay for quality.

Having seen the production line, and having seen what goes into the modules
each step of the way, I can tell you as an Electrical Engineer that Rex
cuts no corners - he delivers a VERY HIGH QUALITY PRODUCT.  When you buy a
Serge, you're buying a precision laboratory instrument.  It's hand built,
to your specifications.  Each front panel graphic is a custom layout.  It
takes several manhours of highly skilled labor, along w/ expensive test
gear, to select the matched components that go into some Serge

>Serge producing a line of Volks-Serges or Ladas?  No no no no.  :)  If Serge
>were to put out a lower cost line, it wouldn't go over.  The money for R&D
>to get the new line going would have to come from R&D for the good line,
>which would cause problems there, as well as putting out an inferior line,

Thanks for bringing up R&D, Ric.  STS spends much more on R&D than you'd
expect.  Rex has invested in a lot of expensive test equipment & software.
Rex told me that he has essentially re-engineered most modules over the
last few years for greater quality & reliability.  Now he has the time to
develop the "Volks-Serge".  I hope that broadening his market will allow
him to lower his manufacturing costs & develop some new modules.

>:)  I like Serge the way they are.  They're the Cadillac of the modular
>world, and IMHO, I think they should stay that way.  Sure it'll take me
>longer to own a Serge, but I will .... some day.  :)

Yeah, if there's only one beer to choose from, aren't you glad it's not
Pabst Blue Ribbon?

Really, we're lucky that Rex has stuck it out all these years.  Where's
Synton, Digisound, and Aries?  Rex was Analogue when Analogue wasn't cool.
He's still in business because he delivers something noone else does, a

I think Serge deserves our support.    You can criticize Serge if you like,
but you should SERIOUSLY look at what goes into one, play w/ one, and
realize what it's possible to do w/ one before you voice your criticisms.

Doepfer?  I'm holding out for a Serge.


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