[AH] The reaction speed of modules

From Tomas Everaert
Sent Mon, Jan 16th 2006, 03:10

Hi all,

I plan investing in a modular system at some point in the not-too-far future but I am still undecided as for the choice of brand(s) (everything from Doepfer to Serge is still taken into consideration---OK, it's not going to be Buchla, unless I win the lottery, that is!). I do not have much technical knowledge at this point, but I have some experience in synth programming (me and my (poly-) evolver get on very well!). Anyway, I have the following question: 

Can 'most' VC inputs of 'most' modules of the different brands handle 'properly' voltage control at audio frequencies, in the sense that the module reacts fast enough (i.e. it reacts to the VC signal itself and not to a slewed down version of the signal)? For example, I can imagine that a vactrol based VCA will be too slow to react 'properly' to audio frequencies at its VC input.

I am not only thinking of the obvious frequency modulation of an oscillator, or of amplitude modulation of a VCA, but also, for example, of PWM at at audio rates. Is this problematic in many cases, or is this usually no problem? And, do some brands modules perform better (or worse), to this respect, than those of other brands?  

Also, very specific: does Peter Grenader's Milton sequencer run at audio rates (i.e. if you want it to, of course!)?

Thank you very much!

Greetings from Brussels,