Serge vs Doepfer

From Chris Whitten
Sent Thu, Mar 27th 1997, 11:41

I think the only fair comment is that it is unfair to site one systems
pluses as a way to denegrate another. Both systems would appear to have
good points and bad points. I've had a Doepfer for over a year and just
this week sent of my dough for a new Serge panel. I would like to put a
couple of things on record about the Doepfer though. It may be reasonably
priced but it is in no way (in build quality or sound) a budget system. The
oscillators are equally as good as any available, the tuning is rock solid.
Some of you may prefer Moog or Serge osc. but that in no way implies that
there is anything wrong with the Doepfer ones. The filters are excellent,
the low pass has plenty of bite and resonance and the high pass is highly
funky. I also disagree that you need to do a lot of patching to get any
useful sounds. Many of the Doepfer modules have similar inputs and
attenuators to the Serge.Don't forget, Doepfer do a pulse divider and a
wave shaper, a phase shifter and ring mod. Everyone seems to agree that the
Serge DSG and wave multiplier are fab modules but please don't overlook the
Doepfer for price or more importantly for SOUND.