[AH] need new EG for modular

From Blake Wilson
Sent Thu, Jan 22nd 2004, 20:03


i have a modular system that i can set up as an *almost* 3 standard 
voice setup. the oscillators and filters (3 each) are serge, and i've 
got a single serge EG ADSR. i added blacet's ADSR a while back, which 
i like a lot. i need a final ADSR to complete the 3 voice system. i 
can mount blacet (obvioulsy), doepfer, asys, and asol. any 
suggestions? price and feature wise, the blacet kit seems to trump 
the rest, but i'm open to trying new stuff.

btw, i did hook up the minimoog to complete this setup (using it as 
my final ADS), but the cabling was a nightmare and the compatibility 
was screwy. triggering worked okay using some converters, but its on 
the other side of the studio from the modular and inconvenient.


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