Re: NAMM Report 3

From Mike Peake
Sent Thu, Jan 15th 1970, 01:00

>[q] (I also heard the Doepfer at Mike's; 
>didn't sound as round and 
>[q] deep as even the Serge.) 
>well, mike, you should give it another listen. 

>Back to technosaurus. I came this >.< close to buying one sunday.. But 
>changed my mind. Four things I like about their stuff are:
> - good CV control 
> - Filters. 24Db sounded way sweet. Very nice pleasent resonance.
> - Great fast envelopes.
> - VERY well built.
> - FM!

That's six things. You must like it more than you think. Did they have 
a working 24dB filter there? I didn't hear it... 
>Things I did not like:
> - no interesting CV modules.

They are developing a 'potpourri' module to address this. Of course, 
who knows when it'll be available. 

> - envelopes, whle very fast they dont have any interesting CV controls
> - Pricey.. Well, still cheaper than Serge :)

True, but I'd like to compare the price of a comparable Serge panel 
with the Selector. Granted, a comparable Serge panel will have 
a lot more going on in terms of CV, and the Osc's have linear FM. 

> - some modules just were not suppoosed to work and were there just for 
>   decorative purposes...
> - accordion players in the booth across..

That's one of the reasons modular synths exist... To beat back 
the accordionists! (Apologies to Astor.)




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