(amb) beware dem cute tin boxes!!!

From RBigger590
Sent Thu, May 6th 1999, 04:15

Just wanted to re-emphasize a warning previously mentioned by folks and 
foolishly ignored by me.  If you own any of the Chain Reaction releases that 
come in the metal tins, BEWARE!  The tins are deadly to the cds, causing 
cracks aling the inner ring that, left alone, spread into the actual cd.  It 
rendered one of my cds unplayable, and three others still playable (?!) but 
with unseemly mid length cracks into the cd surface. ARGH!

So if you own any of these releases, dont ignore this warning like I did :(
Display the boxes and store the cds in normal extra jewel cases!
Otherwise its crack city.

PS- btw, the chain reaction stuff Im selling/trading were saved in time- they 
do not have this cracking problem. as luck would have it, only the ones i 
like and wish to keep in my collection have cracks of one length or another :(