Re: [AH] The marriage of a Nord Modular G2 and a Doepfer Modular (was Un

From Valery Carpentier
Sent Tue, Nov 25th 2008, 19:22

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> >>start a project. A great, unexpensive way to get into modulars. Now I
> >> know I can invest in a modular, I like them and can make music with
> >>them. And I see my G2 fitting very nicely in an analog modular setup.
> This site is the best resource for Nord Modulars (Micros, NM1's G2, G2x)
> and
> everything else Nord, and then some.
> Here's a neat article about a G2 interfacing to a Doepfer using a Doepfer

Great Article! And also very useful as I'm very likely to go the Doepfer
route to start my analog modular. Eventually!