Moog Sonic Six

From mikekent
Sent Sat, Feb 24th 1996, 01:41

My Sonic Six stopped working. I got it a few days before Christmas. I
turned it on for the first time on Christmas day and played it for about
1/2 hour. The next day it didn't power up. Something gave out or shorted
and it blew the fuse. I've been too busy to deal with it so it just sat
here. Last night I opened it up to look inside. The tag inside was
interesting so I thought I'd share it:
   Moog Music Inc.
   Model  No. Sonic #6
   Assembly    7-29-74
   Inspection  7-30-74
   Test        JR
               9-20-74   009
   Serial No.  S 1700
The serial number on the tag matches the serial number on the outside case.
There was also a sticker on the inside of the lid:  No. 401
I guess this confirms that its it the oldest instrument that I own (unless
someone tells that my Octave Cat, original version, was made that early,
but I think they came a couple years after that).

Off to a technician I guess (along with my Cat which has a power supply
problem). The more synths you own, the more often you visit a technician.
Eventually something breaks down.


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