AW: [AH] Little MCV vs MCV4?

From Ullrich Peter
Sent Thu, Jan 15th 2004, 14:40

>I'm about to buy one of these MIDI to CV converters. The=20
>first one from Phil Rees has better specs (16 bit DA), but=20
>less CV outputs, while the MCV4 from Doepfer uses an 8 bit=20
>DA but has 4 CV outputs.
>I'm having problems getting the Little MCV, but have access=20
>to the MCV4.=20
>Does anyone know which one is better?=20

I don't know which one is better but the small MCV was an
Elektor project some years ago and so you can make your DIY-MCV.
I have the eprom for it but haven't built the PCB yet.


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