WANTED ***** modular ******* patchable ******** synths !!!!!!!!!! ! !!!!

From rolandman1
Sent Mon, Sep 25th 1995, 17:20

please refrain from making the usual wisecracks.  this is a SERIOUS message!

i am a composer desperately seeking the following for my own use!

roland system 700
arp 2500
arp sequencer (yes, i know, its not a modular synth!!)
synton modular
moog modular
rsf kobol expander
emu modular
ms50 and sequencer
serge (i need MORE!!!!!, esp. the keybd/sequencer!!!!!)
maybe even a paia or aries?

i would be interested in buying the above or similar stuff.  i've also got
some similar stuff i'd consider trading.  as well as a fairlight 2x w/ midi !
! and a tr-909, among other things!

please email me privately if you've got anything!

thanks a lot!!!!!