(idm) Recycling

From GD
Sent Wed, Nov 29th 1995, 18:08

Upon listening to _In Pine Effect_ I noticed that the beat on
"Mr. Angry" is very similar to "Metal Thing #1" on _Spatula
Freak_.  This kind of reminded me of hearing various re-used
elements on RDJ's material (e.g. AB4 song #4 uses the rhythm from
"The Waxen Pith", and the Polygon Window LP re-uses some AB1 stuff).
At what point, then, is the track unique?  Isn't it more like
a remix than a new track?  Obviously if the element being re-used
is not integral to the piece, then it's not such a big deal,
but I'm not sure I'm keen on the idea of artists using the exact
same drum loop or synth line on a different song, adding a few
different elements, and calling the track "new".