Re: (idm) Speed kills

From Aimee C. Merritt
Sent Fri, Jul 26th 1996, 22:34

Will I play In Sides as much as I've played the brown album? HELL 
YES!!! They are both equally brilliant albeit in different ways. 
Same goes for Tri Repetae and Incunabula. 

On Fri, 26 Jul 1996 12:32:02 PDT Fletcher Sandbeck 
<> wrote:

> The kraftwerk discussion struck a 
chord in me (so to speak).
> I've been out of the music scene for about a year now.  I
> took a leave because I was spending too much money and I
> felt like the albums I was buying were getting more and more
> pedantic.  I was buying stuff just to own it, listening to
> it a couple times, playing it on my show, and stashing it
> away.
> So, here at the end of a year of being mostly out of it.  I
> feel at once like a lot of albums have passed me by, and that
> the scene has stalled since I left it..  
> I feel like I'm stuck back in the golden years of the early 
> nineties.  I still listen to the orb, the aphex twin, the ai 
> releases, orbital's self titled releases, the klf, fortran 5, 
> system 7.
> I am nostalgic for my purchases of years ago.  The day I came
> home with U.F.Orb, or Surfing on Sine Waves.  I remember
> when Fortran 5's new album came out and the people at HMV thought
> I was crazy.  They only bought one copy of it which I snapped up
> before they could put it on the shelf.
> All this was only a couple years ago.  I feel like I need to listen
> to the oldies techno stations, but techno is barely old enough to
> have oldies.  Kraftwerk, Jarre, Tangerine Dream, Vangelis, Tomita,
> Eno, these are the oldies of techno and much of their stuff still
> sounds fresh in a way that the Eagles don't :).
> My point.  Concentrate on good music.  Music which you will want
> to listen to years from now.  I still love the song transitions
> from the brown album.  I still shudder when A Place of Horror
> comes on.  I still love the icky, squicky noises of Bronchus.  I
> still love the funny Sound of Music samples from Polygon Window.
> How many albums came out this year which you will play again and
> again?  Will you play orbital's new album as often as you played
> the brown album?  Will you play Ventolin as often as you did On?
> Will you play Tri Repatae as much as you did Incunabula?
> [fletcher]

Aimee Merritt
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