blank panels and costs

From Haible_Juergen#Tel2743
Sent Tue, Apr 25th 1995, 03:19

>STS will soon be offering a "standard" panel, as I understand it.  It will
>supposedly have the basics that you need (VCOs, VCF, ADSRs), along w/ a few
>nice features, like the Waveshaper Module (kinda like the Buchla
>Dodecamodule).  The cost will be less than the same modules would cost if
>assembled into a custom panel.

>Okay, will Rex be willing to sell blank panels, knobs, etc. and we can
>standarize on him?

>The reason I suggest the D-mod stuff was so that AH'ers on a limited budget
>could get into modulars cheaper. High-end guys can build 100% custom
>modules if they want.

Another hint from one of the "100% Custom" guys:
The panels I use for my synth *would* fit in the standard rack system that
Doepfer uses as well. (I bought a bunch of standard panels, 'cause I am not 
good at mechanics.) But I didn't use the standard rack frames anyway.
Of my modules, exactly two would fit into one frame, and so the frame would
be much too expensive for me. I don't want to boast about my modules that
are larger, greater etc. than the Doepfer ones. The only thing I want to say 
that a certain amount of knobs on a module takes a certain amount of space
if You still want to have some fun touching and turning these knobs.
So if You start from a standard for Your custom developpments, the standard
should already have some standard.
The Sennheiser Vocoder was designed to fit into a Moog System by its 
and appearance back then. A good choice, IMO!
How would a usefully-sized custom module look like, in the neighbourhood of
those tiny Doepfer knobs and jacks ??