Re: [AH] Kenton vs Encore (again!).

From emis
Sent Mon, Jan 17th 2000, 16:12

>I know this has been discussed a few times but I need to hear
>from people that have used both Kenton and Encore MIDI-TO-CV convertors.
>The AUX out's in the Kenton Pro4 is great, but for controlling filter
>on synths like i.ex Minimoog I find them unusable. Try this and use a
>controller sending 0-127 for a smooth Minimoog filter-sweep and you'll
>understand what I mean, stepping "digital sound" and that is because i.ex
>the Minimoog's mod.wheel is not 128 values.
>I understand that with the Encore Expressionist you use a CV out which
>you connect to the 'filter control input' and configure this CV out to
>respond to a MIDI controller?...
>How does this work compared to the Kenton's AUX?. To me it sounds
>like you will end up with 0-127 values... step, step, step :-/
>Any info appreciated.

    The main limiting factor here is MIDI, it does not matter if it is a mod
wheel, any controller, aftertouch or velocity - there are 127 steps. The
only cure for this quantisation is to either interpolate the digital side
(as many do) or slew the CV side (as the Doepfer MCV24 does). So it's not a
case of which device uses what controller, it is how it copes with the
quantisation that will make a converter smoother. Slewing the CV is the most
effective, except the slew time needs to be set carefully, or it will make
the controller lag, but then again if you spend too much time adding bits
(interpolating) at the digital side, this can also create a sluggish

Andy Horrell