re:[AH] midi cc#s --> cv

From ndkent
Sent Sun, Apr 16th 2000, 15:48

I didn't catch anyone answering this, I'm reading the digests so I might
have missed it

> i understand that a cv out controls osc pitch and that the gate opens up
> the envelope... but where do the CCs go? do i need to get a converter with
> multiple physical outputs and tell each of them to listen for a specific
> controller number? or are the controller messages somehow carried on the
> normal CV cable?

okay-- one cable is that pitch, and a second is the gate, you have that.
A good converter has menu options to let you do something with CCs. All
but the cheapest will have a 3rd jack usually called AUX, so you can
turn CC# x into voltage there and use it to do whatever, open the
filter, etc. You can send velocity, there too (since Velocity isn't a
CC). What it does is your choice from a menu of some sort

A decent converter will also let you apply some select CCs directly to
the pitch or gate CV. For example the sustain pedal CV you might want to
hold the gate down. Now many CV converters have a software envalope
built into the pitch cv output, so you could send a CC# to control the
depth and another for speed there. Same with Portqmento, you could use
your modules for portamento if you have ones that do that, or you could
use the software in the midi to CV to generate them and control this by
a CC or 2 (like on/off, speed)

No midi to CV box will of course have individual jacks for all 127 CC#s,
so you have to look at the number of AUX jacks when you buy a converter.
The cheap ones will only have one at best. Download some manuals from
the companies.

> i'm trying to figure out which converter i need, and the way they handle
> midi CCs will be a big factor in which one i purchase. so if you've got
> suggestions about which ones do it best, i'd love to hear them.

well you certainly get more outs with expensive converters. The Encore
is certainly the most liked big one around this list (not to imply its
expensive for what you get). 

Doepfer has that Shepard Tone module which is like all CC#s, 15 or so
outs, but I don't think that many people like it and you need a second
module for pitch CV/gate & a power supply & you need to house the loose
module(s) if you don't have doepfer gear

> and is there a decent MIDI-->CV faq on the net anywhere? i've not been
> able to find one...

search the midiwall AH archives!