Re: [AH] FS: Analogue Solutions SY01 (vcf/eg/vca) price 75% of new.

From Bakis Sirros
Sent Tue, Jul 15th 2008, 14:24

module is sold.

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Subject: [AH] FS: Analogue Solutions SY01 (vcf/eg/vca) price 75% of new.

for sale:
in fine working and cosmetic order:

Analogue Solutions SY01

info copy-pasted fromt he Analogue Havne website:
"This module is a whole synthesiser minus the VCOs (VCF/EG/VCA). Everything 
is here for a synthesiser - just add external audio of any kind - VCOs, 
samples, drum loops etc. The VC LPF is a Moog style ladder filter. The 
resonance can be controlled by CV. The Cross Mod feature extends the range 
of sounds even further. Excellent value for money. The VCF/EG/VCA are 
prepatched for a quick use and tidy panel - but prepatching can be bypassed 
with the sockets provided. Use VCO2 with SY01 for a COMPLETE monosynth! "

price is 75% of new: 149.25 USD
payment via paypal, add 4% for paypal fees, shipping is 10USD to anywhere.

(btw, its one of the A. Solutions modules that does NOT require 5 volts 
power.) so its fine with the Doepfer psu.


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