Re: [AH] FS: Doepfer A108 lowpass vcf, A192 cv to midi, A141 vc-adsr , A

From Bakis Sirros
Sent Wed, Nov 5th 2008, 15:25


also, i am selling my Waldorf Microwave XT (10 voice) for 399 euros, plus 
shipping and paypal charges (4%).
(including printed copy of user manual).


Bakis Sirros

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Subject: [AH] FS: Doepfer A108 lowpass vcf, A192 cv to midi, A141 vc-adsr , 
A179 light to cv. (price 75% of new)


i am selling these four doepfer modules.
all items in fine working and cosmetic condition, screws and ribbon cable 
payment via paypal, shipping per module is 10usd to anywhere, but if you buy 
more than 1 modules shipping will still be 10usd for you.
paypal fees is 4% extra. payment via paypal only.

A108 6/12/24/48db Low Pas Filter (great expanded moog style filter, one of 
my favourites! i have 4 in my systen, that's why i am selling this): 165 usd

A192 CV to Midi Interface: 131.25 usd

A141 VC-ADSR: 108.75 usd

A179 Light to cCV: 67.5 usd (will include, for free, a custom small box with 
external LDR to control the synth from a distance!)


Bakis Sirros
Parallel Worlds / Interconnected / Memory Geist
doepfer_a100 group owner
Athens - Greece