Re: cs-15 first aid

From Todd J. Sines
Sent Thu, Jun 22nd 1995, 05:48

Since my CS-15 currently is in pieces (I'm trying to rack EVERYTHING I own)
I'd suggest the following:

Crank the pots and sliders back and forth for a long time, which usually frees
up some of the dust. If this doesn't do the job, buy some of the Radio Shack
Tv/Radio Tuner cleaner and take the knobs off and let it creep down into the
pots. And maybe try some of the compressed air (from photo stores) to blow a 
lot of the finer dust out of there.

As for the output jack, open up the unit and clean the contacts of the jack 
itself. I usually try and resolder the connections as this has worked in the 
past with spotty output jacks.

Oh, if you ever find any more CS-15's at that price, let me know. And, the 
water/noise sound you heard on Orbital's Snivilisation was actually a System
100m. But, it does sound the same...