Doepfer trigger sequencer

From Brian Vick
Sent Wed, Dec 20th 1995, 03:50

On Tue, 19 Dec 1995 "Michael V. Dvorkin" <> said: 
>   I just spoke to the US doepfer representative about the Shaltwerk (sp?)

>   trigger sequencer. According to him, it is currently being beta tested,

>   and it will be available within a month or so. The bad thing is a
>   He quoted the it to be in a neighbourhood of $1200. This is quite
>   I hope it was a mistake :) 
>   Mike 
A friend of mine was over in Germany a few weeks ago and picked up some
info on it and said that they were selling the beta test version for 2000dm
and the regular price would be in the neighborhood of 2500dm.  Not sure how
this converts but if I'm not mistaken it's more than $1200.