Re: Voyetra-8 manuals

From Mark Pulver
Sent Tue, Dec 12th 1995, 17:42

At 10:27 AM 12/12/95 +0200, david korn wrote:

>My Voyetra 8 is malfunctioning. I'm looking for a copy of the 
>service manual (and the manual, BTW). Anybody?

Ding!  My turn!  (I haven't related this lately)

There are *NO* valid copies of Voyetra 8 service manuals, period.  The only
paper copies of the manuals/schematics that exist have enough errors to make
them useless.  There are exactly three folks in the world that have enough
paper notes/information in their head to work on V8's.  Two of them still
do, and only one of them is in the US, (I think the other guy is in Canada);
(address below).

As for the manual itself...  I have a complete manual for the rev 3, and
update pages that document the front panel logical changes ('cause of OS
changes) for the rev 4.  It's pretty large, I dunno what the magic would be
to get it to France, (the ".fr" domain is France right?)

Peter's (the only US Voyetra tech) address is below,  feel free to talk to
him, he's a great guy, knows what he's doing, but I've been trying for
almost two years now to get service docs outta him...  Know also that the V8
is a bear to work on...  You need a decent (100mhz plus) dual trace scope
and a custom bus extender card just to tune/align it.

Peter's address is:

    Peter Lanzilotta 
    Doubletake Sound
    246 5th Ave, Suite 206
    New York, NY 10001
    (212) 685-7900
    M-F 10-6

Good luck...  and tell him I said "Hey Dude"...


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