[AH] Re: CS80

From David Rogoff
Sent Sun, Oct 26th 2003, 07:14

Well, with all the talk of the VA version, here's a real one for sale:


I wish it was closer and I had a couple $k to spend...

Back to the CS80V:  I hooked up my laptop to a MIDIMAN USB-MIDI
interface and connected my digital piano.  My laptop is a PIII-650
running XP-Pro.  I don't know if it's my hardware or the Arturia
software, but the latency ( > 100ms) made it unplayable.  I also had a
lot of weird clicking.  The CPU meter didn't show that I was near

It does look like they got the Sustain I/II thing right.  I still
wouldn't consider buying it unless they fix the ribbon functionality.