FS:OB1, MC202, KMS30 , Sale $ NORD,K5000,ATC-1 & SE-1<<<<<<<

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Sent Tue, Dec 2nd 1997, 22:36

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Authorized Dealer:
Sherman Filter Bank - Emu - ZVEX - R'ean - Hosa - Quicklok - Geoff Dakking
Akai - Waldorf - Studio Electronics - Clavia - Access Virus - Doepfer - Kawai 
Quasimidi - Novation - Orgon - F.A.T. - Mutronics - M.A.M.- Distressor -
EH, MXR, Dunlop Analog Fx - ADA voltage control flanger & phaser - Spatializer 
Steinberg - Opcode - MOTU - Emagic - Cakewalk - PG Music - DAL - Coda
MIDI sequencing/hard disk recording software/hardware for Mac/PC( all brands)

 Looking for hard to find software? Call us, we sell every major brand of
music software at a great price.
Year End Sale on new Studio Electronics synths !!
SE-1 $995
ATC-1 $595
Cart. Selector $199
Emu Planet Phatt, Orbit V2 and Caraval demos $675
Just in!
ZVEX Custom Guitar FX - Hand built and very hard to find. Used by NIN, David
Sylvan, Robert Fripp, David Torn, Lloyd Cole, Silverchair, Billy Gibbons,
Metalica to name a few.
We have the Fuzz Factory(great distortion for gtr,synths,vox and drums),
Octane(octave up+fuzz), Super Hard-On(Pre-Amp) and we will soon have a
small stock of the Machine(filter, distortion, ring mod. effect.).
 These pedals have the best range of sounds that I have ever heard and
work great for gtr, synth, drums or any other signal you put through them. 
Check out the review in the december issue of keyboard mag.
$225 each

Electro Harmonix Qtron - Multi-mode envelope follower/ filter pedal
$169 shipped.

EH Deluxe Memory Man 450ms analog delay + chorus and vibrato $189 shipped.
Special buy on Nord Lead 1 12 voice synth:
40% off list! call or email for price.
Special buy on Kawai:
New K5000R $699. New K5000s $995. Knob box for K5000R $179.
Music Central offers the best service and prices on new and used gear anywhere!


>>>>>>>>>>>>>10-22-97 USED GEAR<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Bass station rack $299 good

MC202 $375 Ugly (painted) but all there.

Yamaha TG55 $299 good

KMS 30 midi/din sync box $125

Digitech TSR12 fx $225

Yamaha SK50 dual manual polysynth/mono synth/bass synth and organ - $399 good

Alesis BRC ADAT remote $699 good

Alesis ADAT black 75 hrs $1299 good

Korg Trinity Plus $1800 w/ soft case mint

Guild organ controller, very strange $125 very good

10 space shock mount case $295 very good

Oberheim OB1 very good ( a couple dings on the wood end caps) $499

360 systems slavedriver gtr interface for analog synths w/ pickup $250

Roland Cube 100 amp $325 good(normal road wear on tolex)

Roland D-550 $599 mint

OB8 with midi page 2 graphics and dsx sequencer $1100 very good

Roland D-50 $499 very good

Roland S550 $550 very good

Yamaha TG-33 $250 very good

PPG Wave 2.3 w/midi and WavetermB w/disks $2995 very good

Hammond auto vari 64 analog drum box $125 very good

mks 20 piano mod. $299 good

Yamaha CP20 electric piano $199 good

Roland Saturn 09 $199 Good

Disco ball light sim. $50 mint

Rock mod 2 gtr pre amp - distortion $225 very good

Ampeg VL1002 "Lee Jackson" 100w tube head $499 mint, new tubes

Wurlitzer model 206 electric pianos $299 mint

BBE 422 sonic maximizer $150 very good

Music Man sixty-five head $300

Roland U220 $375

Peavey line mix8 $175 mint

Tascam porta07 4 track $199 very good

Akai MX1000 88 note keyboard controller $899 very good


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