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Thought I'd share this from CSERVE, seems more interesting then who's a


  New Analog Synths Pt. II		Section: Synths/Samplers
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As far as the Doepfer goes, I got a fax from Dieter Doepfer last night 
saying the modules 
would average 100 DM (about $70 at today's rate). Very reasonable.  The 
sample Doepfer 
configuration had 18 modules ($1260?), plus rack (it's 6 spaces) and PS, 
should keep this 
baby under $2000, which is pretty miraculous for 1995.  Basic systems on 
sale from April, with 
some of the modules to be released about a month apart after that. 

>>Doepfer Musikelektronik GMBH of Germany is making two interesting new 
analog synths, 
and I thought I'd share the info with y'all.

A-100 Modular  Have only a panel diagram, but it looks interesting:  6 rack 
spaces containing 
two rows of modules.  they'll be offering alternate configurations.  This 
one has 3 VCO's, a 
waveform processor (clipping level, clipping mod, symmetry), divider, Ring 
mod, dual voltage 
inverter, Mixer, VCF (3 scaleable control inputs), VCA-exp, Clock Divider 
Sequencer - 8 
stage, Noise Random cv generator, 3 LFO modules with sync, Dual S&H module, 
modules, and a linear vca.  This is comparable to some pretty respectable 
machines (say an 
ARP 2600, which it actually beats in several respects).