Re: Why we love analog

From rude66
Sent Wed, Sep 25th 1996, 00:57

yes, i can be one of those lazy pigs too. i've had my alpha juno 2 for about 
5 years and always thopught it was allright, nothing special. now that i 
have the pg300 programmer for it, i've made more mad sounds on it in 2 days 
than in the 5 years before. reason: sliders instead of a #%^& display.
then again, my source for the craziest sounds next to the ms20 is the kawai 

about the mono poly: i find mine runs off just about anything: the doepfer 
cv/gate and the internal syntecno cv/gate-to-midi converters, the cv/gate 
outs from the 101, etc. mine is modded for 4 independent outs for the 
oscillators. sounds cool, but all you get is the raw sounds, un-enveloped. 
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