Re: [AH] Low Pass Gates - Cyndustries vs. Doepfer

From Legion
Sent Mon, Jul 17th 2006, 02:24

 >  Does anyone have any experience with both of these modules?  Any 
preferences?  Or if you just have one, what are the pros and cons of 
it?  Or other brands?

I have the Cyndustries Quad Lowpass filter/gate. I can't compare it to 
anything else but I have to say it is a pretty unique sounding module. 
The vactrol elements really do make it "ping" and trigger unlike 
anything else I've used, very fluid and organic. The filter itself is 
very useful as well for making something a little more soft. There 
aren't a lot of controls (In, Out, CV in each with one knob) but there 
is a lot of variation in sound.   I thought it might be interesting to 
use these as a colored VCA but I haven't found the right combination of 
source inputs to really get that working. I  do use mine often in a 
patch since it's just so damn easy to throw a sound or signal into it 
and get an interesting result :)

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