Re: [AH] Reaktor (and it's on topic)...

From Matthew Davidson
Sent Fri, Jan 23rd 2004, 19:03

on 1/23/04 12:23 PM, Tom Butcher at wrote:

> Have you guys checked out the Doepfer MCV-24?  It's a 24
> channel CV converter with software LFO's and ADSR envelopes.

No inputs. Let's say you wanted four voltage controlled envelopes. You'd
need an input for trigger, and an input for control of each segment of the
envelope.  Or... VC LFOs, or quantizers...

In this regard, the Programmable Synth Interface Module (PSIM-1) has the
right idea, but I'm thinking on a larger scale (more I/O) with interfacing
to popular software products. (For example, something like Spider in Reason
that would handle I/O to the real world. That would be sick.)

Additionally, not all I/O on the MCV are created equal. I'm thinking
high-resolution, and unbound by the limitations of MIDI.