From Ross Goniakowski
Sent Fri, Nov 7th 1997, 16:54

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  OFFICE MEMO         DOEPFER...UH, PROBLEM                 Date:  =

Well, I got my Doepfer A100 Basic System 1 yesterday. Spent about an hour =
with it. As the archives say the multimode filter is pretty sweet
and the lowpass 24db is, well,"ok". Gives a nice resonance thump. And the =
ADSRs are nice and sharp. Someone please help me out with this, though. =
Problem is the clock divider outputs are weird. I used an LFO to drive it =
and took the "2" out to trigger one filter sweep thump and 8, 16 etc. to =
drive another thump. The second  pulse is always ahead of the first. I =
could get them to line up using the trigger delay but they went out of =
sync if I changed the frequency of the LFO. What the heck is up with =
that? Completely unexeptable. Am I doing something wrong? What is there =
that I could do wrong? I ran the LFO through the trigger delay to sharpen =
the pulse, no change. I hope it's broke because I can't live with it this =
way. I used a custom clock divider in the past with 2, 3, 4, 5,etc. outs =
that worked as expected. Please ...anyone know what Is up with this?

Ross G.