Re: For Sale:

From mikekent
Sent Thu, Feb 15th 1996, 23:31

I've been swamped with email about the gear for sale. It looks like all are
sold already except the Polysix. So far no offer to trade TR-909, which is
the owner's preference.
Regards, Mike.

> The following are for sale. They are not mine, they belong to an
> aquaintance. If you're interested let me know by private email and I'll put
> you in touch with him directly.
> Mike.
> MiniMoog $700
> TR-606 $100
> MonoPoly $300
> Polysix $250
> TB-303 $1000 or trade for TR-909

........  ........
....  Wanted: System-700, System-100m, D-50, JD-800 ....