Re: PAIA Modular (Re: analogue V1 #512)

From David Evans
Sent Wed, Sep 13th 1995, 18:15

SuperBad MoFo wrote:
> >2) Will 3 power supplies cover all these babies?
> Depends on the current requirements of the modules.  Does anyone have any
> info on this?

  OK.  Here we go.  Sorry I can't duplicate the cool 70s font on the module
names and numbers...

	4720 VCO				+/- 9V @ 20ma
	4711 Mixer				+/- 9V @ 4ma
	2720-5 Control Oscillator/Noise Source	18V @ 1.75ma
	2720-1 VCA				18V @ 2.5ma
						9V @ <0.5ma sink
	4740 Envelope Generator			18V @ 17ma
	4770 Watt Block (provides)		+/- 9V @ 100ma
					     or 10V @ 100ma
	4712 Reverb				+/9 9V @ 3.5ma
	4780 Sequencer				18V @ 50ma
						+/- 9V @ 1ma
	2720-9 Glide Retro-fit			+/- 9V @ 1.5ma
	4762/4782 Keybiard (provides)		+/- 9V @ 25ma
						18V @ 5ma
	2720-8 Keyboard/Case (provides)		9V @ 3ma
						-9V @ 1.5ma
						18V @ 1ma
	4710 Balanced Modulator			18V @ 10ma
						9V @ 1.5ma
						-9V @ 7ma
	4730 Multi-modal Filter			9V @ 15ma
						-9V @ 25ma

  That's all the module documentation I have.  I have the stuff for the Gnome
(3740) but I can't find its power requirements, other than a statement that a
9V battery will keep it chugging along for a while.  No, I don't have a Gnome.
> >  Now if you were to make it somehow yuppie-like, which of Mr.808's desires
> >would win out?  The fact that it's not in the original box, or the non-punkness
> >of it?  Hmmmm.....

  Hey--I said this!  Give credit where credit is due.  ;-)

> I don't think you could make the PAIA uglier if you tried (well, maybe if
> you puked on it & let it get crusty %-) - damn, I'm stumped.  I say,
> whatever feels good.

  I'm sure I could have entrapped many people I knew to perform that bit of
adjustment to my 4700/S while I was an undergrad.....<shudder>

> >Seems like, given the prefab panels and rails i'm dreaming of, you could
> >build a nice infrastructure this way without any tools except a drill and
> >screwdriver.  Does anyone know if STS/Serge buys prefab hardware to start
> >with?
> No - the front panel is a single sheet of photosensitive aluminum w/ the
> graphics layout customised according to your order.  Holes are punched as
> required & wrapped around a steel sheet which has been pre-punched w/ holes
> in standard locations.  This is screwed into the electronics frame and
> backed by an aluminum box (custom built by a metal fabricator).  All TOP
> QUALITY - very nice.  You get what you pay for.

  Anyone know if you can buy this nifty aluminum in small quantities without
selling your soul?  Seems that and a laser printer would do wonders for gizmo

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