Re: [AH] New Modulars that rip and are big.

From tsheets
Sent Wed, Mar 7th 2007, 18:45

I have been very happy with my new Doepfer system.  The X-treme filter
is fun. I already have a good multimode filter with my ASM-1,
so the X-treme was a good choice for me on the Doepfer.  The two
output shaping knobs really allow you to tame and/or amplify the amount
of grit that comes out of the thing.  The way the LP and HP input works
isn't exactly intuative, and that can be a good thing becuase it leads to
unpredictably fun results.

Oh, and I mentioned before, the doepfer VC phaser just sounds incredible.

Doepfer is cheap(er), easy to get, well built and great sounding.  Very little
not to like.  Funny saying it is cheaper when I spent $1800 on a basic
2-OSC, 1 filter system... but really, it is worth every penny. Designing
sounds is downright fun on this thing.


On Wed, Mar 07, 2007 at 12:15:23AM -0700, hex fix93 wrote:
> What modular system would give me a ripping multimode filter, rubber
> metallic huge roland like sounding oscillators with a big sounds in
> band pass and high pass? i'm thinking like the ones i hear on the
> black cherry goldfrapp cd. Like on the track tip toe. I think that
> sounds amazing.. i think its a modular, not sure. OR like the stuff i
> hear on astral projection.
> i want also want to know about crunchy analog sounding phasers and
> flangers... ones that get real mean and heavy...
> will a modcan get me there? i some how doubt it... but i'd like to
> know. its so hard to get good info about these things.

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