[AH] FS - some modules & more

From jonathan_snipes
Sent Sat, Feb 7th 2009, 20:48

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would prefer to ship domestically (in the US) - or ideally local  
pickup (in Los Angeles).

Also could be interested in trades - let me know what you've got!

Synthesizer modules:

Bananalogue LPFA					$200?
	these don't seem to be made anymore.  no idea what they're worth ...

Plan B Model 9 Mixer					$100
Plan B Model 13 Dual Gate			$200
Doepfer A-103 filter					$75
Doepfer A-132-1 dual VCA			$55

Large format:
dotcom midi-cv						$100

In addition:

2x SC2 Silence cases					$140 (for both)
	http://silencecases.com/pro_attenutation_cases.html - the dual width  
cases on this page.  I won't ship these.

fatar sl-61 midi controller				$40?
	sometimes has problems when first powering up & has to be turned off  
& on a few times before properly powering.  once it's on, it's fine.

CM-Labs motor mix					$300

Akai MPD-16						$50

Coresound Binaural Mics				$180
	missing one of the windscreens, though these are available for  
purchase from coresound.  Also, the factory models are wired to a  
stereo 1/8" connector, but I've replaced that with two male XLRs.   
This is the model with the external LP filter box

Fostex FR-2LE CF recorder			$400

Numark 2ch DJ Mixer					$20

Marshall MXL 1006 Condenser		$40?

Novation Nocturn MIDI Controller		$100
	this is essentially brand new.  I've already chucked the box &  
install disc (which is out of date anyway) but it's seen very little