Re: [AH] Analogue track

From Simon Birds
Sent Mon, Nov 21st 2005, 13:18

Hi Rachel,

I really enjoyed your track !  Bass sequence is especially nice. I'd love to
hear more.


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Subject: [AH] Analogue track

> Does anyone like this?
> I used nearly all analogue gear on there.   The Drums are Novation DS
> except for the hats, which are TR-606.
> This has sounds from my OSCar, Europa, VP-330, 606, SCI-615, Doepfer A-100
> and an RE-301.
> I haven't composed  music for a long time and this is only my 4th recent
> so be gentle!   But do tell me if you like it or not...  I know I have
> a lot of gear and I am not a particularly good musician,
> but it's funner than knitting.....   ;)
> rachel
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