Goodies for Sale

From mikekent
Sent Sat, Feb 24th 1996, 01:41

A friend who I haven't seen for years is driving down from a rather remote
part of Canada to visit me in about a month. He will leave these with me to
sell so you will be buying from me (some of you know me or have
bought/sold/traded with me before). The following will be available:
  MPU-101     $375  MIDI-CV/Gate Interface, 4 notes, bender, modulation, etc.
  MKS-30      $300  Rack JX-3P type Analog synth, MIDI, 6 voice, 2osc/voice
  MKS-10      $50   Analog Piano MIDI rack mount module
  SH-09       $300  Similar to SH-101, better sound(IMHO), External input!
  System-100: $850 includes:
              Model 101 Patchable or Semi-modular Keyboard Synth
              Model 102 Patchable or Semi-modular Expander Synth
              Little brother to System-700, predecessor to System-100m, often
              sounds better than System-100m IMHO, I own both to compare.
              If I didn't already own it, I'd buy this system.
  AX-60       $250  Akai, similar to Juno, usually doesn't sound as good IMHO
              Unique sounds, good for wacked out or strange stuff. MIDI
  E-1010      $100 Yamaha Analog Delay, 2U rack, with modulfor flange, etc.
Non Analog: (sorry, short list)
  CZ-101      $150, Casio Synth, recently discussed on AH
  Sonus       $50   2x8 MIDI Patch Bay

All good or excellent condition.

The prices shown are his reference prices, compare them to the averages
from Neil's Used Gear List. All sold to best offer (unless best offer is
totally unreasonable) so if you don't agree make an offer that reflects the
real value to you (maybe you want to bid more than reference price <grin>).
If multiple offers come in at same price, then first come first served, we
don't really want to start any bidding wars, etc. The owner may be more
flexible on "reasonable" price of some units than on others.

Email for more details or check Music Machines. Some of these are really
great synths. If AH members don't take these within the next few days I'll
post to newsgroups next week.

........  ........
....  Wanted: System-700, System-100m, D-50, JD-800 ....