TRADE: Fairlight 2x w midi. (was Re: TRADE: Synclavier II...)

From rolandman1
Sent Sun, Dec 1st 1996, 00:18

once again, i'd like to make a similar offer for my fairlight 2x with midi.
 i'm looking to trade it for an old modular system - either stuff i havent
got or stuff i can use more of
please email me if interested. 
thanks in advance

In a message dated 96-11-30 17:21:53 EST, you write:

>        Well, I decided a while back to trade off my Synclavier II system.
>Why? Well, I like my PPG rig can do much of the same tricks,
>plus several the Synclav can't, although the PPG is _not_ a monster FM
>machine like the Synclavier is. I can also yank the Wave 2.3 out and take
>it on live gigs...and yanking out the Synclavier is a task involving
>        Still, I know there's people out there that want one, especially
>since NED sort of came back online as "The Synclavier Company" a couple of
>years back, and there's full support and upgrade paths available for this
>machine once more. So I'm putting my Synclavier up on the block for
>        I'd like to swap this machine for a medium-to-large analog modular
>system, something starting around the size of a full EML rig (101, 200,
>400/401) or four or so Serge panels and heading upward to big things like a
>Moog IIIc, ARP 2500 or similar. Odd and big modular things like a Korg
>PS-3300 would be possibilities, as well. I'll also note that I will
>consider systems that aren't 100%...I have no qualms about getting out the
>screwdrivers, test gear, and de-oxit if it means I can get something hefty.
>        This system is a 16-voice FM unit, mono out, with the 'small'
>controller. It was originally the core unit in the University of Illinois'
>Experimental Music Studios Lab "D"...that's who I got it from a few years
>back. It also comes with two DSDD 5 1/4" drives, an ADM3 terminal, a Morley
>control pedal, and a custom panel for pedal and switch assignments that was
>fitted by the UIUC EMS techs. The Synclavier Company does have upgrade
>paths for the unit available, and it also comes with full documentation,
>software (including the Synclavier OS, Resynthesis, XPL, diagnostics, and
>so on), and spare keyboard and switch parts. In excellent shape, save for
>some cosmetic scratches where UIUC 'decommissioned' the unit by removing
>inventory numbers prior to purchase. Also, the controller does send CV,
>triggers, and gates, plus has a CV out for its this would make
>a good controller for someone who has other modulars on hand.
>        Granted, I've had people tell me that this sort of trade doesn't
>make sense...but then, not many people have messed with a Synclavier. As
>far as digital architecture goes, it approaches a modular in complexity for
>digital sounds. My big problems with it are its has a CPU the
>size of a small filing cabinet...portability issues, and the fact that it
>really needs a keyboardist to appreciate it, and I'm more of a
>programmer-type. For those who get into serious sound programming, it's
>also a kickin' machine, plus a joy to play.
>        The other caveat here is shipping. Anyone interested in making this
>trade will need something the size of a big station wagon to haul it in.
>It's not small. You'll also need a few _strong_ people to get it out of my
>studio and down the stairs. Suffice to say, _shipping_ the unit is pretty
>much a would have to be picked up here in Illinois.
>However, I'm going to venture a guess that people who like to tinker with
>dragging modulars around are possibly going to have the ability to drag
>this pup home with them.
>        If this sounds interesting, drop me a line...