From Doug Masla
Sent Mon, Sep 1st 1997, 04:16

At 3:15 PM -0400 8/31/97, Mr disco wrote:
>> POINT-1 reviews are adv. driven from my experience working for sunth
>> over hte years
>> reviews are given in add revenue priority
>This is definitely true.  Has anyone seen any Doepfer or MAM products
>reviewed in Keyboard magazine?  Notice they don't advertize there.  When
>was the last time you read a truly BAD review in one of these magazines?
>> point 2-I know the 303 does not sound like the machines it was ment to
>> replace but it is a
>> good sound module when contrilled from a good sequencer...a good bang for
>> the buck..
>Good bang for the buck??  Why should I pay for the onboard sequencer if to
>get the best use out of it, I'm going to end up sequencing it externally,
>anyway?  Plus, when you use the MC-303 in tone module mode, you lose
>real-time parameter control (one of many VERY STUPID "features"), which
>pretty much makes it the equivalent of a SoundCanvas with a different
>sample set.  If I'm getting something to use as just a tone module, I
>expect to pay a tone module price.  I certainly wouldn't look for something
>with a sequencer and knobs on it that I don't intend to use.  I can think
>of a lot of preset tone modules that cost a lot less.
>However, if I take it out of that mode and enable those features that I
>paid for (sequencer, knobs, etc...) it doesn't work very well that way,
>either.  It would be perfect if it had MIDI knobs and a better sequencer
>that could be used as a controller for other synths as well (since I
>wouldn't get it for the onboard sounds, anyway, except maybe the drum
>samples and some filler sounds), but it obviously was not designed with
>that purpose in mind.  The only way these features become really useful is
>when it's used as a stand-alone machine, which to me, doesn't make it worth
>the price they're asking for it.
>Mr disco
   hey disco,no argument here from me,if roland put in an expanded
seq.(user)memory the 303
would be much better....I got mine cheep and the first gig I used it on
payed for it and them
  But as a sound module for a non=programmer its a inexpencive init for
standard teckno/house
type sounds....(for those looking for the standard cliche' sounds with
abound an far to many
recordings these days)
I still think it sounds better through a guitar amp!!!!   :)

Doug M.