(idm) reverse sexism

From Mikhail Gubarev
Sent Mon, Sep 1st 1997, 10:31

philip filtah wrote:
> ummm. I have the CD. and i dont get a single sexual idea out of it.
> maybe your pecreption is getting you  hot and bothered?
and suzi wrote:

> > spoken like a typical man. us girls anitcipate that kind of attitude.

>maybe your putty pecker's connection to your cerrebellum has
>away you sexist insensitive bastard.

i read the idm digest from my bf's email all the time and honestly, my
response to your first post was also that you contradicted yourself in
being offended in being considered as an "object" but at the same time
treating others as objects. you go on to say how "sexist" the list was
to you when at the same time, you use sexist remarks such as "typical
male" and poking immature retorts about genitilia which has nothing to
do with the discussion.
actually, my bf told me not to respond to this thread because you're
just a -- no offense intended -- "troll" to the list. a "troll" is like
a person who just shows up on the list not knowing what it is about and
the rhetoric that is being used and after a few flames will just
unsubscribe and that's that's it. 
the idm list is predominantly male and it's nice to hear female voices
out there so i hope you don't unsubscribe. but name calling and insults
without giving any info to support your claims are definitely not idm
related (m or f). also, keep in mind that to raise one group (women),
you do not have to demean another group (men) to do so. as a woman, you
know how bad it feels to be stereotyped and judged on your sex rather
than your ability, so why must you do it to anyone else?
lucy tohao nguyen

p.s. what's so great about polygon window's popcorn? it sounds just like
the original popcorn song through some filters. the song is great but
there was no real innovation by rdj here.