Re: [AH] RE: Jomox XBase at Rogue Music

From Mark Pulver
Sent Wed, Nov 4th 1998, 20:40

Ben Vehorn (08:12 PM 11/3/98) wrote:

>John Van Nest wrote:
>> Just to let everyone know...Rogue Music is NOT an authorized JoMoX
>> dealer, although they do, from time to time, sell the units.
>> The units Rogue sells are imported by Rogue through improper channels
>> ("gray market"), do not come with a Jomox-approved power supply for the
>> U.S., do not include the Drum Kits and Patterns that we install into
>> each unit here in the U.S., and will not get any further support from
>> either myself (the U.S. distributor) or JoMoX.  This is quite a shame,
>> as any future updates to the machines will not happen to the Rogue
>> machines.
>I wish I had known this a month ago, before I bought my X-base from Rogue.
>How do us gray-marketeers go about getting software updates if/when
>available? Am I a complete pariah now? If I had known this, I probably
>would have bought it from the proper channels, but after searching many
>websites, Rogue was the only place I found that even knew what they were,
>much less sold them. You might want to advertise a little better.

John, Ben, folks...

I'm a bit late getting into this discussion, but from what I know, Rogue is
buying direct from a German distributor. It is NOT Rogue's fault if the
distributor isn't supposed to be selling overseas and stepping on the US
distributor's toes.

The issue is the same for products from many overseas companies, Doepfer
for instance.

John... "Gray Market" would be a term that imnplies illegal (or marginally
legal) activity on the part of the distributor. If that distributor
presents themselves to a dealer as having legal rights to sell to whomever
they want, and the dealer makes a reasonable attempt to confirm this, then
who exactly is to blame? Why clamp on the dealer when the distributor is at


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