Re: vocoders

From JPM
Sent Thu, Jan 1st 1998, 05:03

>I was always wondering what vocoder(s) Kraftwerk used to get their "robot"

I recently spoke to wolfgang flur about the kraftwerk vocoder collection .he
says they have one of just about everything.They generally use the
Sennheiser,and the EMS 5000. they are very good friends with Ludwig Rheberg of
EMS Germany who does a few mods for them here and there.Recently they
(actually Florian) has been working with Deiter Doepfer in development of the
Doepfer Vocoder.They have been analysing and testing his various vocoders and
putting the better designs in the doepfer design.Most of the voices you hear
on krafterk albums are generated by speach synths as well as vocders . Florian
actually has applied for a few patents on speech synth designs.

>I have herd that the Synton SPX 216 vocoder is a great one if you can >find it.

this was actually their cheapest model. I think the even OEM'ed it to Dynacord

>Or you might try doing what Wendy Carlos did.

the wendy carlos vocoder was a ctually a group of high db ( this is very
important)fixed frequency notch filters with cv control. well there's more to
it than that but thats the short version.

as far as the best for the price ,i'd probably say the MAM VF-11 (aka PROCODER)
is the best ,and cheapest @ $500 US. It sounds VERY German like the
sennheiser. The record list on my page has a listing of wich vocoders were
used on wich records. this is a good way to hear them.
for more info on vocoders check out my vocod'o'rama page below